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Lyrics and video for the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

An orchestra montage really makes this piece stand out with a perfect clash of electric guitar and piano. Which takes us to the next part… being the heavy rock section… building up to yet another conclusion…* *This part is Freddie's anger at the battles and confusion of his inner self, as shown in the operatic sequence, and possibly the reason for Freddie never wanting to disclose the true meaning of the song is because it's pointed at those who loved him for who he was (his family, although "mama"/his mother is the only one named in the song), yet, because he held all those feelings of guilt, concern of not being genuinely accepted, and that they wouldn't be able to love him for who he really was, and even if his parents still loved him, then the religion would disagree with his lifestyle, which would then become their weight to carry, it leaves him angry and frustrated with himself, then angry at his loved ones, finally wanting to escape the whole situation and is irately leaving everyone – "Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here. Think about those lines; 'Mama, I killed a man', and 'If I'm not back again this time tommorrow', those in a way relate to war, as you kill people, and get killed, and this is what Freddie is trying to tell his Mother, that he is here in the battlefield.

May be the saddest line in songwriting history- because it was most likely true. Then he gets aught and is ojn trial, and is let go. The Supreme Court hands down decisions which are published at lighting speed; many fear the effects of its decisions. Take a look at what many artists like Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, or Led Zeppelin were doing in their album in 1975. So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye.

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The dates of the discovery of AIDS and the when the song was released do not align. The narrator implies that, if he had higher social status, if he had money or fame or whatever, then he would stand a good chance of escaping death. It is the first word of all but one chapter of the Koran.

Executions are murder, and legally sanctioned murder in the name of justice is not a characteristic of civility. I'll admit that my first introduction to it was from Wayne's World, but then again I wasn't even born when the original was released. I'm not back again this time tomorrow, carry on…* - this part is about if she sees that her son has departed from her, or died, (not the son she once had, and her not being able to accept how he has turned his back on his religion and given into his sexual desires) - then he is saying she should "Carry on as if nothing really matters"* *His time has come for Freddie to be who he is, (remember after the release of their third album 'Sheer heart attack' (including the international hits Killer Queen, Now I'm here), Queen were hitting the big time, and he was on a rollercoaster rock star ride in life) - and with him being unable to not admit who he is anymore/become part of his art, then life is impossible for him. I still find something new in this song everytime I listen to it. Any requests for publication in other venues must be negotiated separately with the authors.

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