smith and wesson shield holster kydex

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Holster List
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Holster List
Without a doubt, the Smith & Wesson Shield has become one of the most popular pistols for concealed carry today. Maybe you’ve bought one already or are considering ...

JMHO No one mentioned what is in my comparison, one of the most important aspects of picking one pistol over another in the category of a carry gun that is almost everyday going to be in contact with your body, skin, and sweat. The original purpose of sub-compact was for backup, not primary carry. Although I’ve never tested any Dale Fricke holsters, good friend and trainer, Paul Carlson of manufactures carry rigs for a wide range of guns including the Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380.

If you don’t pay attention when reholstering you can just as easily shoot yourself with Glocks or Springfields. I’ve been shooting for many years as both a cop and an armed citizen. There are a few rigs the company will allow you to order online, but none of them are for the Bodyguard 380. Okay, feel is very important, but what about style? Well, if looks matter, then the Shield passes with a solid B. I’d suggest you These rigs are high quality leather belt pouches that resemble a PDA or large phone case.

Smith and Wesson Custom Kydex Holster | Custom Concealed ...
Smith and Wesson Custom Kydex Holster. On Your 6 Designs produces handmade custom Kydex Gun Holsters for many makes & models of firearms. Call: 210-362-1549 smith and wesson shield holster kydex smith and wesson m&p holster | eBayFind great deals on eBay for smith and wesson m&p holster and smith and wesson m p 40 holster. Shop with confidence.

Oh, and based on my experience with other M&P pistols, it would be wise to keep some sight paint on hand for the time when one or all of the sight dots pop off. Well, after all is said and done Smith has created nothing short of the hottest selling most poplar firearm since their model 10,29,and their record selling j frame models. The eight-round magazine provided a full-fisted grip for my medium-sized hands, while the seven-rounder would work best for people who have tiny hands or whose pinkies have at some time in the past suffered a catastrophic bologna slicer accident.

I finally cleaned it after 3,000rds+, 1 stove pipe (shooting cheap reloads), I give it a 99. While a bit flippy, the Shield recoiled less than expected. Like I said, he still really likes the way the holster carries the gun. I now Rotate guns occasionally But the shield is my go to conceal carry now. The Hot Jox is like an IWB version of the waist pouch.

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