insect shaped like a shield outline

Gardensafari Shield Bugs (with lots of pictures)
Gardensafari Shield Bugs (with lots of pictures)
Usually four families are considered belonging to the shield bugs, because of their shape and the fact that their antennae are comprised of five elements each. First of ... Because many members of the Squash Bugs and Leaffooted Bugs ( family Coreidae) r

Brown marmorated stink bug - Wikipedia
The adults are approximately 1.7 centimetres (0.67 in) long and about as wide, forming the shield shape characteristic of other stink bugs. They are various shades of brown on both the top and undersides, with gray, off-white, black, copper, and bluish insect shaped like a shield outline Pentatomoidea - WikipediaShield bugs have glands in their thoraces between the first and second pair of legs that produce a foul-smelling liquid, which is used defensively to deter potential predators and is sometimes released when the bugs are handled. The nymphs, similar to
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