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Taking generic viagra to thailand help anyone else taken
Taking generic viagra to thailand help anyone else taken
Answer 1 of 15: I use generic viagra which i order online for personal use as it is much cheaper than buying from the Doctor. I am heading there in 2 weeks and want to take some with me - packet will be sealed however i wont have an actual prescripti

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1000 baht for 4 capsules and pretty sure it was fake as it did nothing. Do you get a packet for 200 baht or one capsule? Yes, I am aware. But every pharmacy in Bangkok still carries it. It is 180 baht for the GPO (government produced) generic version generique viagra thailande routard Thailand to sell generic viagra drug officials - thailand newsThailand to sell generic Viagra drug: officials BANGKOK, Sept 26, 2012 (AFP) - Thailand has approved an affordable generic version of the anti-impotence dru.
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